March 4, 2020

A bobcat attacked this little house cat and somehow he lived to tell the tale! (Gallery)

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This little housecat was attacked by a bobcat and lived to tell the tale!

Meet Mordecai!

Mordecai says “you should see the other guy.”

 “Our neighbor and his dog witnessed (the attack) in the small stretch of woods between our houses,” Mordecai’s owner shared. “I am forever grateful to their dog for running in to the woods and blowing up the fight. Neighbor heard Bobcat cry out an eerie cry and slink off, as did our cat.

He texted to say we should check on our cat. We went out and called him and 10 minutes later found him outside our front door, bleeding from eyes, nose, and mouth.”

cat survives bobcat attack 2

“Our vet suspects the bobcat had our cats head in his mouth, due to the nature of his injuries.

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He had a broken nose, damage to his eye and ear, multiple puncture holes in his face, bruising on his side that he later bled badly out of, and a dislocated tail”

cat survives bobcat attack 3

Mordecai would spend 10 days at the vet before finally being able to return home with a clean bill of health.

“His face and side healed well, and his dislocated tail is also doing a lot better. His nose will always be broken, and his ear will always look like that as well. His eye has scar tissue above it, which makes it looks droopy, but it doesn’t seem to bother him much.”

“He really stuck to himself for the first days home from the vet and wasn’t grooming himself much, it was sad to see. But before I knew it he was climbing on to me for attention and finding his old personality again. I’m so happy to get him back to himself, and that he lived through the whole ordeal.”

cat survives bobcat attack 4

“He now spends most of his time indoors, or looking outside from the open front door. He likes to go in the yard if we are out there, but we never let him our past dusk.

His outdoor adventuring was a big part of his identity, so I could never make him a full indoor cat, but we’re striking a balance together.”

cat survives bobcat attack 6

Mordecai has one heck of a tale to tell the rest of his 9 lives….

And pardon our French, but we think he now looks like a total badass!

cat survives bobcat attack 6
He is a champ!!!!

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Sharing is Caring!

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