Fearless coyote entered through doggy door, killed dog

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A reminder to stay vigilant.

A homeowner lost his dog after a coyote got into his house through his pet door. His other dog was seriously hurt.

Scott Goodling said a coyote came into his home through his doggy door and attacked his dog, Murphy, on Friday night.

It’s a second time Murphy has been attacked by a coyote, Goodling said, and Murphy has stitches everywhere.

“He’s lucky to be alive. I mean, what dog survives two coyote attacks?” he said.

His 10-year-old malty-poo Sally is missing, and he suspects the coyote took her.

“She’s just the sweetest little dog, and she was just carried away. She is very tiny,” Goodling said.

Sally, a 10-year-old malty-poo, is missing and presumed dead after a coyote attack in a home.

A neighbor’s security video caught a pack of coyotes in the neighborhood around the same time Goodling’s dogs were attacked. The neighbor said his cat was killed by a coyote.

“Over the past year, they’ve really increased in numbers and especially became more brazen and bold,”Goodling said.

The neighborhood now wants city leaders to do something about the roaming coyotes.

-story from Jan. 2019. BUENA PARK, Cal. (KCAL/KCBS/CNN)

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69 thoughts on “Fearless coyote entered through doggy door, killed dog

  1. so sad sorry for your loss. I wouldn’t allow my dog to go out alone after a coyote attempted to kill them after the first time that I don’t understand. they should be monitored while outside until the prob is taken care of. set traps and or shoot the coyotes. after I shot one trying to lure my chi & lab into the woods one yr I shot one and shot at a few more and missed. they finally began to stay away. coyotes have a regular routine trail they follow and watch their prey bf they attack. normally rt at dusk time. they tried to get my foal too. also hawks are as big a problem as coyotes too. have to watch small dogs very closely bc they are easy prey.

    1. It looks like the dogs were NOT outside unsupervised. The article says that the coyote came into the house through the doggie door. I just don’t think trying to BLAME the dog owner here is fair. But I’ll kill a coyote just as fast as I’d kill a trespasser! I have no use for them whatsoever.

      1. This was the second attack the poor dog survived as stated by the article. And yes you should always supervise your small dog if you care about there safety. And yes this has happened before where an animal goes in a doggie door so they probably are not a good idea either.

    2. Coyotes are getting very bold.. Since the liberals made fur coats a bad thing.. The prices went down and nobody hunts them anymore.. They have no fear of humans now

      1. what a bunch of right wing gun nut crap. I am a leftist, not a liberal, but I know that the more habitat coyotes lose to human expansion, the more these things will happen. In the east, coyotes are about 1/3 wolf, and 6% dog, and this changes their size and behavior. Educate yourself, Trumper.

        1. Greetings from Australia! which thankfully does NOT HAVE COYOTES! However I am interested as to what the other 60.2/3% in the COYOTE IS OF???? Seems the Dog Door was quite large I suggest keeping very little Dogs inside the bedroom if possible!
          Put NEWSPAPER ON THE FLOOR PERHAPS in the Bedroom or train the little Dog to perhaps use the Shower Recess whenever it has to at night!

        2. Lane Woods needs to check her science books to see coyotes are coyotes and not bred with wolves as wolves only breed with wolves and they mate for life. Also yes they coyotes are in the canine family but not the same as domesticated dogs. No one cares who you vote for here. So get over yourself

        3. Lane Woods how about you give up your portion to the coyotes? Yeah I didn’t think so. Rather you call yourself a left wing nut or libral doesn’t really matter, you’re still an idiot!

        4. Yes, education is important. So if I read this correctly what you are trying impress us with statistics is 33% wolf , 6% dog, 61% you failed to identify and not knowing facts lecture other on education via political lashing out proving once again never trumpers have no point

        5. Lana of course you would protect these killers, you probably protect wolves too. THESE PREDITOR’S NEED TO BE CONTROLLED.

        6. Lane, you are admittedly crazy. Humans are animals and the whole world is their habitat. Habitat is anywhere an animal chooses to live and can thrive. Maybe you should educate yourself before you start calling names.

      2. It’s more of an issue that coyotes (and deer) don’t have a natural enemy. The continuous building has pushed animals like bobcats, and other predators elsewhere. Therefore some animals are reproducing like crazy

    3. Rhonda, did you miss the point that the coyote came INTO THE HOUSE TO KILL THE DOGS, THROUGH THE DOGGY DOOR?

    4. Rhonda did you read the article? The dogs weren’t outside unsupervised. They were in their home! The coyote went in through the dog door.

    5. I’m sorry for the loss and damage of your dogs.
      READ PEOPLE! They were inside their own home! The coyote came in through the doggy door in TN.

    6. The coyote came in the house, the dogs were inside – not the owners fault.
      Maybe read b4 you cast judgement on someone who just went thru something super shitty. So sad

    7. Maybe it is a ‘people problem,’ you ever think of that? We’ve only been encroaching on wild life habitat for as long as we can remember.
      Grow up.

      1. J Truthteller seeing how humans are at the top of the chain I would say it’s a wildlife problem not people. 🤦‍♂️

    8. Did you not read the article! The coyote came into the house and attached the dog and carried away the other. Try reading.

    9. The dog was not outside. Go back and read the article. Clearly states the coyote came into the house through the doggy door.

    1. Thank you. We closed up our door a good while back. It was good when we had two dogs, but don’t need it now and truthfully, a small person can get in if they wanted to – the larger door like we have.

  2. Sorry folks but this is California. Those Coyotes have more rights than the people do. If animal control tries to do anything PETA and the other flakes will shut them down.

      1. Guess what? My article said Kentucky! I am seeing a pattern I believe! Coyotes do BREED with domestic dogs also, producing a cross known as a Coy-dog. Less natural fear of man. I also once rescued a puppy standing by the highway, that turned out to be a coyote. No sign of aggression or nasty temper, didn’t eat my cat…etc. Tame, with no added, extra effort. Ever wonder where DOGS came from? Could have been a coyote cousin!

    1. Maybe we should send PETA to go monitor the coyotes and feed and take care of them. When they lose a few people to their idiocy they will change their mind

  3. Those coyotes are dangerous make sure the owners are outside with their pets at all times. They are sneaky

  4. Thankfull too that there were no small children playing near the door. So sorry about your dogs. I call my daughters dogs my grand doggies. They are her babies. Hope he recovers quickly.

  5. He just said it came into his home through the doggy door the dogs wasn’t outside read what it said before you commit I hate coyotes they came in my back yard got my oldest dog she was 14 an got my beagle but she was running in the mountains but they are becoming a problem to many of them they hard to catch an kill too very smart

  6. For years I’ve been warning neighbors and friends in our rural community. Numerous Domestic pets are gone. Turkey population is down to nothing. Deer population has been impacted.
    When I walk my dog I’m armed. They follow my farming equipment when I cut hay. They repeatedly taken neighbors dog toys and carried them into my fields along with sticks, deer leg bones, seat cover, soccer ball and a large glass Clorox bottle that had a rodent nest in it. I’ve contacted with a professional predator hunter as well as buying a predator call and studying myself to take care of business.

  7. The coyotes are not the ones increasing in population. It’s HUMANS. the expanding new neighborhoods in our area are pushing them into smaller pockets of woodlands and they are doing their best to survive. Lock your doggy doors and keep your cats indoors at night. Don’t forget, if you happen to kill the alpha leader, the rest of the pack will mate and produce more litters, the leader keeps them from doing so. Leave them alone and we need to slow down our breeding. That’s the TRUTH of the situation, like it or not. Don’t start rednecking and come out gunz a blazing, you will continue to create the problem!

  8. When I Visit My Daughter, I Can Hear Coyotes Almost Every Night. And Sadly, Some Nights The Screams Of Their Pray.

  9. Wow! My little Shitty poo is my baby. I would be heart broken had this happened to me. I now will no longer bet letting my dog outside at night to pee alone this I assure. However, I just hope that this pet owner goes out and gets themselves a nice 12 guage semi auto matic with some heavey weight bee bees inside the shot. I would say a slug but lets leave nothing to chance. let em get as close as you can safely let em get. from 15 to 20 yards away you could take out several if close together. I love annimals but thats savage.

  10. You need to get something done about that “doggy door”, Coyotes are smart and they now know how to go right into your house for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! They will be back!!!

  11. I live kin North Carolina and I’ve lost 2 cats to coyotes. My neighbors have lost them too. One neighbor has a barn so they had about 15 cats. All of them disappeared within a few weeks. We’ve all had outdoor cats for our entire lives. Something needs to be done about them. They are multiplying at a fast rate. We can here the pups in the woods when moms come to feed them. Normally I love all wildlife but when you start getting and killing our pets then it’s gone too far.

  12. I’m am so sorry for your lost. I to am very afraid of the coyotes myself with just moving into a home with an abandoned golf course out back. They are usually howling, screaming or barking from time to time late in the middle of the night. Witch I have now done some re scratch being I was in a wear of these guys till now. We now have a motion light outback and it scares me seeing it go on when nobody’s out there especially with having small dogs. I recent found this link to anyone that may not know on keeping your fur babies more safe. I would not leave them unsupervised tho even with this protection. Here is the link. Also has anyone had any of these guys jump over a privacy fence?

  13. Just read an article about coyotes and it said it was the most rezilant animal in nature. Even after they tried to wipe them out their numbers are greater than ever. Pets are a new food source. Please keep your pets safe take precautions, and keep your eyes open.

  14. They are getting bold. There have been several attacks on people, full grown horses and cattle by them as well. We had a small pack breathing down our backs when we were field dressing a could of deer a few months ago.

  15. I’m probably going to be bashed for saying this and as a dog owner, my dogs are my fur kids BUT the real problem are people .. we’ve destroyed habitats, brought so many animals to the brink of extinction, if the ones who are smart enough to survive despite our best efforts to destroy them, how can we not admire their ability to diversify? Yes it’s sad when people’s pets go missing and I empathize with the owners. I also sympathize with Mother Nature, people are the new locusts of the world .. sad to say

    1. Do you ever listen to yourself? “People are the new locusts of the world”? What a monster you must be to think this way.

  16. If you have the attitude that the coyote’s are attacking more because we are destroying their environment, here’s something you should know…coyote’s don’t have their own environment, they were actually brought here long ago, this is not their original home and their violent existence is causing problems with animals that do belong here…this is why some cities/counties/states actually used to have a bounty paid for every hunted coyote killed.

  17. Don’t wait for the city to do something about these brazen killers do something yourself by shooting every coyote that you see. If its a problem use a silencer… If there are too many forone person to 🔫 then start a neighborhood shooting club… Just saying.

  18. I live in Port Richey Fl. One evening my Yorkshire terrier was laying on my lap in the rear of the house all at once he started growling in jumped down from my lap ran to the living room got on the top of the couch which faced the street I looked out & the Coyote was trotting down the sidewalk. About three months previous a golf course was closed trees, bushes cleared out where the Coyotes were living.

  19. Vermont has vast habitat for coyotes being over 75% wooded and much of the rest is farm fields and hedge rows. We have an an abundant population of Eastern Coyotes in most areas. We experience the same problems as in the heavy populated areas, coyotes attacking people and pets, and leaving a mark on deer and moose populations as well as smaller game such as grouse, turkey and rabbits. The coyotes are invading the suburbs faster than we are taking away their habitat. They have comfortably adapted to survive in the suburbs. Yet we have anti-hunting groups trying to shut down coyote hunting and trapping. Makes no sense to me.

  20. I live in a very rural mountain area where all sorts of wild life roam. On Amazon I purchased a dog door that stays locked and only opens when my dog comes near. He wears an “electronic” key that releases the lock. After the dog comes in, it automatically relocks. He learned to use it very quickly.

  21. An animal THAT COMES INTO A HOUSE TO HUNT is TOO BRAVE and needs to die because what if it had come across a small child in the middle of this?! Grow the hell up people! This ain’t about opinions! This is about someone’s loved ones being savagely killed! If more people hunted the damn things…there would be NONE to breed larger packs! I have pugs and a chihuahua…one crosses my path, no questions of its right to be there! DEAD

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