Man chases off pack of coyotes that surrounded his wife and dog in MA

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Coyote Mating Season is currently going on all across Appalachia, so be careful out there and watch your family and pets a little closer.

SOUTHBOROUGH, MASS. – Southborough police are urging residents to be extra vigilant after a woman reported that a group of coyotes surrounded her and her dog in her backyard Sunday night.

A resident of Asaree Drive told police that four coyotes who approached her and her 85-pound German Shepard mix did not appear intimidated and began to form up in a pack around both of them.

Her husband allegedly chased the coyotes off with a broom.

Police warned that this time of year is busy for coyotes, as breeding starts in February and they are often looking for areas to set up their dens in March.

Coyotes are very active before sunset until shortly before sunrise. It is unusual for them to be out during the daylight hours in search of food, police added.

Authorities are reminding people to not leave their small children or pets unattended outside, as coyotes have attacked or taken away smaller pets in the past.

CAUTION:Today we received a report of some aggressive Coyote behavior in town. A resident of Asaree Drive reported…

Posted by Southborough Police Department on Monday, March 2, 2020

Coyote Mating season is in FULL Swing!…Be vigilant!

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